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Thank you for validating. Your vote has been recorded and will count towards the result if you are a registered voter residing within the United Kingdom.

The Alex Belfield case has highlighted some problematic and sinister consequences of 'hate crime' legislation. 

Under the pretence of public safety the United Kingdom has seen attempts by a Government to restrict and remove liberties that have been enshrined in English Common Law for centuries. 

The new COVID vaccines have not been proven to provide benefit against a disease which the UK Government removed from the high consequence disease (HCID) list in March 2020. 

Nuremberg Code Article 6 relates to requirements for the informed consent of individuals subject to experimental medical intervention. 

The COVID pandemic originated in Wuhan China and has cost lives and destroyed businesses in the UK. 

Late 2019 saw departments within the NHS actively requesting elderly people to sign 'Do Not Resuscitate' [DNR] notices.

Is urgent action required to address the spike in incidents of live animal theft, particularly dogs, reported during the last 12 months?

Kirklees Council have released a consultation to selected electors relating to Holmfirth Indoor Market and the adjacent car park.

Personal ID is required to open bank accounts, to sell your house and to drive a car. Election integrity is the foundation of our democracy.

Inheritance tax when introduced only affected a small proportion of the population.

Data demonstrating Ivermectin as an effective preventative and treatment for COVID has continued to build since the summer of 2020.

Direct democracy centres on voters being able to call for referendums on issues that matter to them. This ensures that the electorate can provide valuable input in policy decisions that radically affect them. In this way, voters are heard and their concerns formally addressed.